LFP: bettors have taken suspensions and fines

The Disciplinary Committee delivered its verdict Thursday on the players who did not respect the prohibition of sports betting.
The Disciplinary Committee of the LFP imposed conditional suspensions with fines for players and educators of professional clubs who did not respect the prohibition of sports betting on competitions organized by the LFP following the crossing of the files made During the first part of the 2016/2017 season with the assistance of ARJEL. Only Bastiais Gaël Danic and Lorienta Romain Philippoteaux will miss a match. In addition, the intendant of Nancy Michel Jadot received six matches of suspension of which two with stay of bench of keys, dressing room of referees and of all official functions.

3 matches with suspension
Michel Araai (AC Ajaccio), Valentin Eysseric (OGC Nice), Romain Lejeune (US Créteil), Jordan Marié (Dijon FCO)

3 matches suspended and € 1,000 fine
Yoan Cardinale (OGC Nice)

3 matches suspended, including two suspended
Gaël Danic (SC Bastia)

3 matches suspended and 500 € fine
Mehdi Feqrache (FC Nantes), Jonathan Ringayen (US Creteil), Gaëtan Robail (Paris Saint-Germain), Jean Ruiz (FC Sochaux-Montbéliard)

2 matches of suspension, including one suspended
Romain Philippoteaux (FC Lorient)