Lionel Messi fails to score nor assist in a Neymar show

Lionel Messi Copyright -AFP

To hear a score line of 4-1 in favor of Barcelona against Las Palmas, and fine out Lionel Messi is absent in either scoring or setting up an assist is unbelievable to say the least.

Surprising yes, but the little man too has proven to be human once more. He was relatively quiet on a night when Neymar was amazing and deservingly took home a ball for his hat trick. And if you are wandering at what time of the game Lionel Messi was substituted, then you are quite wrong, because he played the whole 90 minutes.

Suarez too who was substituted on the night at the 79th minute, had a goal and even set up an assist for Neymar who returned the favor in typical fashion. But what’s interesting is the absence of the M in the MSN trio.

And is this an opportunity for Real Madrid fans to show their star man Cristiano Ronaldo is better than Messi because he scored 2 on the same night, at the same time? That is a debate for another day…