Lionel Messi’s brother Matias Messi involved in a car accident

Matias Messi Copyright -Via@Deporvito

Lionel Messi brother Matias Messi was involved in a car accident in Argentina, Rosario, in the early hours of Saturday morning. He apparently collided with a truck carrying heavy goods, during a period of bad weather, but reports suggest he didn’t sustain any serious injury. He was driving an Audi, and the pictures show just how damaged it was and many would say it is a miracle he is fine.

Apparently, Lionel heard about the incident before the game and was a little scared, but because there was no serious injury sustained by his brother, he was fine enough to play and score his side’s 2 goals which won the game for them on that same Saturday against Alaves.

Matias Messi has most at times made the headlines for the wrong reasons. He has been involved in quite a number of incidents such as illegal possession of fire arms, suffered an assassination attempt, has had struggles with the police for about a couple of times, among many others.

Well he is lucky enough to have a brother little brother like Lionel Messi who is considered one of the best footballers of all times as he brings in the fame, glory, money and much more.