Luciano Spalletti understands the consequences of his actions against Francesco Totti

Francesco Totti Copyright -AFP

Luciano Spalletti has already joined Inter Milan and is looking to change their fortune for the better as they have been suffering for the past few years. The Milan side finished a disappointing 7th place in the league, something which they had won not long ago. Spalletti is the man responsible for Roma’s recent form as they finished 2nd in the Serie A and secured Champions League spot. But to many Roma fans, he will forever be remembered as the coach who separated them from their hero and legend, Francesco Totti.

Francesco Totti played his last game for the club he gave all his life to, on the last day of play against Genoa in what is considered one of the most emotional scenes in football. His fare ware brought so many to tears including the legend. And a week later, Spalletti’s departure from the club was also announced.

Now at Inter Milan, the coach regrets his actions. He expressed himself in an interview by saying… “In Rome, I had become the one that divided rather than united. There was this problem on the management of Totti.

“I came to see this contrast – the love for the most important player prevailed on the support and affection that we had to have for the team.

“In not being able to put the two things together, I did not do my job well. These two things must go hand in hand.

Many had believed Totti will never play for another club as he had said so himself, but it is increasingly becoming more likely that the Rome Icon will represent another side before completely retiring from football.