Ousmane Dembele could be the best player to replace Neymar

Ousmane Dembele Copyright -Via@FCBdailyy

Well, Ousmane Dembele had always been on the radar of Barcelona before Neymar was tipped to leaving the Cam Nou and now that the Brazilian finally left, Dembele has become one of the most preferred choices to replace him. But he is not the only player Barcelona want to bring in…as they think of also bringing in Philippe Coutinho.

As a mainly right-footed player, even though he too has a good left foot, Ousmane Dembele could be well-fitted to replace Neymar at the left side of the attack. Barcelona always like to play with a right footed winger who comes in from the left and creates play, and that sounds like something the Borussia Dortmund young star could do well.

But no matter how well Dembele could fit at the Cam Nou, he is not a player of Barcelona and in order for him to be, the club will need to break the bank, or should we just say… Neymar’s reserves. Borussia Dortmund don’t want to sell him, but if they are to do so, the fee is expected to be somewhere in the region of 150 million euros. Even though his statistics are not as good as Neymar’s, they show just how good he is and could be. At the age of 20, there is just one likely direction Ousmane Dembele will go and that is forward (improving). He has already shown how good he is with providing assists and that might be an extra motivation to show he will do well with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez.

Gerard Deulofeu has however shown in the few matches he has played for Barcelona so far, like the Gamper Cup, that he is also a possible replacement for Neymar and could fit well into the role. So, the Barcelona board must be in a really uncertain state now on what exactly to do.