Philippe Coutinho would cost Barcelona a huge amount

Philippe Coutinho Copyright -AFP

Philippe Coutinho will cost Barcelona about 133 million pounds if they are to sign him away from Liverpool. It is reported that the star has already agreed terms with Barcelona, and the only thing left is for both clubs to agree on the price. The first bid for Coutinho of 80 million euro had already been rejected by the Reds as Jurgen Klopp said he is not for sale. Now, even though they still don’t want to sell him, they have put a price for which they could let him go.

Philippe Coutinho is a really good player and has prospects of becoming one of the best in the world in the near future. But whether he is worth 133 million pounds is something the Barcelona board will have to think very well before making a decision. Clearly the price reflects the fact that Liverpool don’t want to sell him.

Barcelona have been trying to secure the signature of Marco Veratti all summer to no avail and all hopes of signing him are almost lost as he is now back with his club. So, if Barcelona wants to sign a top quality player, they will have to splash the cash. And if Neymar finally leaves to PSG, then Barcelona would have enough money to buy Coutinho even at the current price.