World Cup 2018: the chances of African teams according to Goldman Sachs

Senegal-Tunisia-Nigeria Copyright

The investment bank, Goldman Sachs, has tried to adapt its economic business models to a football full of uncertainty to predict the outcome of the World Cup 2018. Consequence: Brazil takes its revenge against Germany in final when none of the five Africans in the running will pass the first round.

Brazil will win its 6th World Cup by beating Germany on July 15 in the final”, asserts the US financial agency Goldman Sachs based in a study published Monday, no less than “200,000 models” of ” machine learning “exploiting” data on team characteristics, players, recent performances “, etc.

No African representative in eighths!
The bank does not see any African team coming out of its pool, saying that Egypt is still the best team to pass the first round, among those on the continent, with a 34.4% chance of seeing the 8th. Tunisia 32.9%, Senegal 25.2%, Morocco 21.6% and Nigeria 17.1% are unlikely to create the feat still according to the famous bank.