Prince Boateng: "I felt important thanks to this coach"

Copyright -Via Twitter @TournoiToulon

His career is full of ups and downs. Kevin Prince Boateng played in the best leagues in Europe before finally choosing to sign with Las Palmas in the Spanish league.

In a recent interview with “Guardian”, Boateng talked about a lot of memories and about those who helped him throughout his career: “When I first came to London, things were not that good. I was a kid and nobody told me to go to training. For the fans, you’re only an element in this whole system. What really matters is your performance. I used to return to my house every night at 6 am. My weight reached 95 kilos! This lasted for a year”.

Prince moved after that to Germany when he met Jurgen Klopp: “He’s the best coach in the world. With him, I felt really important. He’s able to make you feel valuable even if you play five or six minutes during half a year!”.

Concerning his future ambitions, Boateng said: “I want to help the young players who don’t know nothing about life and then suddenly, they get 18 million euros! They need to be coached. No one did it for me”.