Ronaldinho to Lionel Messi …why not Messi to Neymar???

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When Ronaldinho joined Barcelona, he was one of the best the players at the time and he also proved to have been a worthy signing as he put in performances which up till date are still in the memories of not just Barcelona fans, but football fans in general.

When Lionel Messi was promoted to the first team, Ronaldinho was more like a mentor to him as he helped him with his first goal and also in gaining his confidence with the team. Since then, both had an amazing short spell before the fancy footballer left Barcelona and ever since Lionel Messi has remained the star man.

When Neymar arrived Barcelona, many wandered how he was going to fit into the squad given his style of play. But Lionel Messi’s role and style of play had to change in order to accommodate his South American counterpart. And throughout their time together, they have worked really well on the pitch and have achieved a lot. It was even made more interesting as they had Luis Suarez who joined in forming what is arguably the most dangerous strike force ever…MSN.

From the look of things, Neymar was to only get better in Barcelona, even though many claim he was still under Messi’s shadow. He has often been regarded as the Argentine’s successor, but with his move to PSG, the team will have to dig deep for the next big player. Not that Messi is going anywhere, anytime soon though.

No matter how we look at it, one of the main reasons why Neymar didn’t become Messi’s successor is because the Argentine is still good and probably has a lot of fruitful years ahead.