Rooney: I'm not thinking of retiring and United's season is still promising

Wayne Rooney, the English football icon and the Red Devils star has confirmed in an interview that he is not thinking about retiring.

“I’m not thinking of retiring and United’s season is still promising” Confirmed Wayne Rooney, Manchester United star and England.

He said that his team still has a strong chance in more than one competition this season and therefore can not say that the Red Devils made a bad season this year.

He admitted in an exclusive interview published in “Al Ain portal”, an Abu Dhabi based media that his relationship with the British media has seen ups and downs, stressing that a lot of journalists have opinions and the fact that much of it is unfair, “but I have to deal with, in some cases, these criticisms are difficult, however, it must be overcome.”

Rooney, made up only a few appearances this season with Mourinho being the coach, refused to comment on the option of that he leaves to the chinese league.

The Golden Boy also denied that boredom may have leaked to him playing football, “You have to enjoy every time you play it, because it will not last long, the advice provided to me by a fellow senior when I was a young player, this is what males the difference, because when you are a young man you don’t belive that things will pass quickly”

And about his plans for his life after retiring Rooney said he intends to enter the field of training, “I finished obtaining licenses necessary to do so, which is what I’m doing at the moment, frankly, I feel it is a shame to stay away from the game when retired, with all the knowledge that I own about football”