South Africa vs Brazil - International Football Friendly (live) 0-5 final score

Five time world champions Brazil will play a friendly against Bafana Bafana. This will be a symbolic match between the previous and upcoming World Cup hosts. The game will be played on Wednesday 5 March 2014 17:00 GMT at the FNB Stadium (Soccer City).

You can follow this match live here as well as the live scores and commentaries.
93′ The referee ends the game, a large win for Brazil prooving they’re ready for the World cup and sending a clear signal to other World cup contestants to watch up for them

91′ GOOOOAAAAL! Neymar completes his hattrick and kills the game after receiving a great header from Jo.

84′ Bafana players are hopeless now, they’re just watching Brazil switching the ball from side to side

81′ another long rage shot, this time from Alves but it was not far away from the net

79′ GOOOOAAAAL! Brazilians are now now putting on a show! Feranandinho long rage shot left the keeper no chance

75′ save of the day from Williams! after his saved Ramires’ shot who was one on one with him

73′ quick counter for Bafana but Fernandinho’s last minute intervention saved the day for Brazil

70′ Bafana are pressing Brazil in their half with quick passes in the center midfield but Brazil’s defence seems unbreakable

66′ Neymar is still a constant threat to Bafana’s defence from the left side, he passed a defender and delivered a prcise cross to Jo who strangly missed the net

63′ what a save from Cesar, he amazingly deflected Zungu’s shotto the corner, now Bafana are pressing for a goal

61′ Molovu almost scored if his shot didn’t hit Luiz who was injured

60′ Willian is very active from the right side, he passes the ball to Fred but Bafana defender Nthethe is stronger than him

54′ good try from Parker but Cesar made the save, corner kick for Bafana who are struggling to score their first goal in the match

52′ Brazil are now keeping the possession trying to minimize their efforts and keep the ball away from their opponents

47′ Another chance for Neymar to score a hattrick but his shot was millimeters away, Brazil attacks are too mdifficult to handle for Bafana defence

46′ GOOOOAAAAL! Neymar scores the 3rd goal after a great pass from Oscar

45′ the referee’s wistle signals the beginning of the second half
48′ the referee signals the end of the first half with the score of 2-0 to Brazil

47′ Claasen was close to score for Bafana but his shot was millimeters away

41′ GOOOOAAAAL! this time Neymar didn’t miss, he placed the ball just underneath the keeper’s legs, 2-0 now for Brazil

39′ great individual efforts from Neymar but he fell at the end

36′ what a chance for Brazil, Bafana defender Matlaba bearly managed to clear Hulk’s pass before it reaches Fred who was in a scoring position

33′ Marcelo is a nightmare to Bafana defence from the left side, he uses his speed and dribbling skills to pass two defender but Neymar didn’t manage to controle his pass

29′ Neymar finds himself one on one with the keeper but Williams makes the save, Corner to the Brazilians who are now striking on the counters

26′ Another cross from the very active Rante from the left side but Cesar catches the ball before Parker

24′ Bafana team are still pressing Brazil side in their half, Silva is there intercepting the cross

20′ first change of the match, injured Khumalo left his place for Xulu

15′ Bafana are pressing from the left side trying to equalise the score but Rantie’s cross is way over

11′ GOOOOAAAALwhat a lob from Oscar, after receiving a precise long pass, he oppened the score early in the game

09′ free kick for Bafana but the defence cleared the ball ,Parker tries for a long rage shot but it want far away

06′ Neymar is showing some great technical abilities from the left side before the defender stopped him and he wins a free kick

05′ Oscar’s volley shot hit the defender after a nice touch from Fred

03′ first shot of the match from Claasen straight at Cesar’s hands

02′ nice delivery from Oscar from the right side but Williams catch the ball

01′ Brazil have the ball and are attacking from the left side, Bafana defence clears the ball

00′ the referee kicks off the big match between the previous and the next world cup hosts

South Africa line-up: Williams, Ncongca, Matlaba, Khumalo, Nthethe (C), Furman, Jali, Serero, Claasen, Parker, Rantie.

Brazil line-up: Júlio César, Rafinha, David Luiz, Thiago Silva, Marcelo, Paulinho, Fernandinho, Hulk, Oscar, Neymar, Fred