The Stakes of the Europa League Finals

Copyright -Via @FutballTweets

The stakes are high for the Europa League and more so for Manchester United who need it so badly to qualify for the next year’s Champions League. But if there is one thing we have learned from the beautiful game over the years, it is the fact that it is not predictable.

As a trophy on its own, both clubs want to win it because it is important and very rewarding. But looking past that, we can see that Ajax already has qualified for the Champions League’s third qualifying round, giving them a higher chance, while Manchester United has just one chance, which is to win the Europa.

Many expect Manchester United to win not just because they are more desperate, but also because on paper, they have the stronger side with the most expensive players. But once again, the side that will come out victorious will be the side with the better tactics or the side which will capitalize on the chances created.

What is for sure is that the game promises a lot of excitement and action as both teams will fill in their best squads and try to win the trophy. So by the end of today, we will know exactly how this played out.