Steven Gerrard "I miss the competition"

Steven Gerrard is a legend in football and one of the most admired faces of the English football. He is arguably one of the best midfielders of our time, and a true leader that « never walks alone » out of the the Reds’ mind.

After hanging his boots in November 2016 – 1 year after his departure from Liverpool – , Gerrard started a new phase of his life by joining the technical staff of Liverpool to have an opportunity to learn coaching and benefit from the experience of Jorgen Klopp.

In an exclusive interview with the Al Ain Portal, Steven Gerrard has talked about many things about his new experience, the English team, and about some young talents in the English Squad.

We see you watching from the stadium at some of Liverpool’s matches, how do you feel now you are away from the field ?

I miss the competition of cours, especially when you watch the games. Whn you play 1 home game and the next game you play away you understand the importance of being a professional player, part of my advice to the players is to enjoy evey moment of their play time as they will miss all these moments one day

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