Steven Gerrard opens up about many details in an exclusive interiew

Steven Gerrard's farewell press conference Copyright -Via Liverpool official twitter: @LFC

Steven Gerrard is a legend in football and one of the most admired faces of the English football. He is arguably one of the best midfielders of our time, and a true leader that « never walks alone » out of the the Reds’ mind.

After hanging his boots in November 2016 – 1 year after his departure from Liverpool – , Gerrard started a new phase of his life by joining the technical staff of Liverpool to have an opportunity to learn coaching and benefit from the experience of Jorgen Klopp.

In an exclusive interview with the Al Ain Portal, Steven Gerrard has talked about many things about his new experience, the English team, and about some young talents in the English Squad.

How excited are you in your new role with Liverpool ?

I’m very excited, it’s a new role that will allow me to improve, I will try my best to be a good coach, and maybe one day a manager. There is a lot to learn.

How is work with Jorgen Klopp ?

I’m very lucky for working with him and being around him, he is one of the best coaches in the world and i’m certain that he will do all his best to help me out.

Did Liverpool lose his chances for winning the league this season ?

Surely not, the team has been through hard times but he is able to to supass it. I think the next games will be very crucial, if they succeed to grab some points this will give them confidence and will improve their chances. If we look at the big picture Liverpool has a strong team and a great coach.

How can you be useful to the team ? and how can you benefit from your mission ?

There is a lot of things they can learn from me, and I hope they will help me improve to be a good coach. You know I’m here for them and I’m ready to provide advice in their football journey

Is there a piece of advice you can give to any ambitious young talent ?

I think it’s difficult to talk about only one advice to give to a young talent in the beginning of his career, because a player at this age is always looking to improve and to be one of the best in the world, and they want to reach this regardless of his team’s level.

Who is your favorite player in the English Squad right now ?

In the current composition it is mostly Dele Alli, he is a young talent and is full of energy, I really enjoy watching him play and see that he helps his team a lot, I think he has a bright future.

Do you know that Alli has said previously that he used to support Liverpool and that you were his idol ?

Honestly no, I also never had the chance to talk to him before, althgouh I feel that we will have a good talk in the near future about this, there is a lot of mutual respect between us.

I honestly feel flattered when I hear that a great player like him talks about me this way, I wish him a good career with England.

With Alli and the rest of the young talents, how do you see the future of the English Squad ?

There is a lot of young talents like Livepool duo Lallana and Henderson.

I know Southgate very well and I think the current squad composition is still affected by the early disqualification from the Euro 2016, but sometimes you can use that at your advantage because what happened can push the players to have a better performanc.

I think the English team is going though a good time, the presence of a young manager is an opportunity for the players to showcase their abilities, that’s why I look forward to seeing them improving and giving better performances in the future.

Another player which is Coutinho who has just signed a new contract with Livepool, how do you think he affects the Reds ?

I think it’s important for any team to keep its best players, and Coutinho is a very important player for the team in the last 2 seasons, he improved a lot and became one of the most talented players in the world. I trained with him daily for a while and I played with him, he is a player who does miracles and you wish to build a team around him, I’m sure that if Livepool succeeds in the future, Coutinho will be part of this success.

We see you watching from the stadium at some of Liverpool’s matches, how do you feel now you are away from the field ?

I miss the competition of cours, especially when you watch the games. Whn you play 1 home game and the next game you play away you understand the importance of being a professional player, part of my advice to the players is to enjoy evey moment of their play time as they will miss all these moments one day