The Most expensive Team ever is no other than ... Manchester City !

This Time, England seem to be hosting the most expensive team to ever play football in her ground.

Manchester City FC is the most expensive squad the world has ever seen, based on the total transfer fees — the payments teams pay each other to purchase players — spent to assemble it, according to a new report from the Neuchâtel, Switzerland–based CIES Football Observatory.

Manchester City invested a record value of €853 million in transfer fees . This value is €850 million for Paris St-Germain and €784 million for previous record holder Manchester United.

Premier League at the top !

The six biggest English teams are in the top ten positions of the rankings. The aggregated values per league are €5.7bn for the Premier League , €2.4bn for the Serie A , €2.2bn for the Liga , as well as €1.9bn for the Bundesliga.

PSG is in it too !

Paris Saint-Germain wasn’t far from the top of the list at €850 million, much of that coming through the $264 million spent on  Neymar from Barcelona and  a two-step, $220 million purchase of Kylian Mbappe that combines a loan for this season with a purchase next year.