Top 10 Impossible transfers in European football (10 - 8)

Football season is almost over in Europe, most leagues have known their champions, and transfer rumours started echoing and speculations are feeding the internet.

StarAfrica team shares with you the top 10 impossible transfers in Europe.

10- Hugo Sanchez: one of Real Madrid’s legends, he started with the rival club of the capital, Atletico Madrid, which made him one of the most hated footballers of Atletico Madrid.

9- Robert Lewandowski: One of the best forwards in the game in the last 5 years, he had an impressive season with Dortmund, before moving to their rival Bayern Munich following his former teammate Gotze.

8- Sergio Ramos: one of the most shining players of Sevilla, has moved to Real Madrid creating a heavy polemique behind him in the football talks