Top 10 Impossible transfers in European football (4 - 1)

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Football season is almost over in Europe, most leagues have known their champions, and transfer rumours started echoing and speculations are feeding the internet.

StarAfrica team shares with you the top 10 impossible transfers in Europe.

4- Carles Tevez has shined with Manchester United and won the UFA CL in Ferguson’s era, has just left for the city rivals Manchester City after deep arguments with his coach

3- Fernando Torres: After an impressive year with the Reds of Liverpool, he moved to Chelsea leaving his former club in problems. He unfortunately didn’t perform as well as he did in Liverpool.

2- Zlatan Ibrahimovic: After the Calciopoli he left Juventus to go to one of the most hated rivals, Inter Milan, to raise anger of his former club’s fans

1- Luis Figo: One of the most important Barcelona players, has just left the Blaugrana for the eternal rivals Real Madrid, he was called the traitor, and was nuked with pig head in one of his games against his former team.