Top 20 Highest paid football players in the world - Full list

Football continues to grow financially over the years and therefore generates more and more income. An exponential evolution that logically generates an impressive outbreak of emoluments of the actors of the green rectangle.

Between the recent deals in China and the extension of contracts for the stars of the football, the top 10 of the most highly players of the planet has gone through many changes.

In this context, France Football published this week its famous annual ranking of the biggest incomes in football. A ranking based on gross salaries, bonuses and advertising revenues for the current season.

And it is the quadruple Ballon d’Or ,Cristiano Roaldo, that now thrones on the pantheon of the best paid footballers with 87.5 million euros cumulated in 2016-2017. An astronomical pay that places the star of Real Madrid far ahead of the competition.

Behind him, however, follows his eternal Argentinian rival ,Lionel Messi (76.5 million euros) ;as well as the brazilian Barça player, Neymar (55.5 million euros).

To everyone’s surprise, four of the top 20 mostly paid players in the world are in the Chinese Super League! It is argentinian striker Ezequiel Lavezzi who receives a check of 28.5 million euros per season at Hebei China Fortune, ahead of Chelsea Oscar’s defector and his 25.5 million euros as well as his compatriot Carlos Tevez (€ 22m). This tends to prove the curious rise of Chinese national football, at least in financial terms.

Here is the ranking of the 20 most highly paid players of the planet on the season 2016-2017:

1- Cristiano Ronaldo (87,5 M€)

2- Lionel Messi (76,5 M€)

3- Neymar (55,5 M€)

4- Gareth Bale (41 M€)

5- Ezequiel Lavezzi (28,5 M€)

6- Oscar (25,5 M€)

7- Zlatan Ibrahimovic (25,1 M€)

8- Thomas Müller (23,5 M€)

9- Andrés Iniesta (23,5 M€)

10- Toni Kroos (23,5 M€)

11- Hulk (22,5 M€)

12- Paul Labile Pogba (22,1 M€)

13- Robert Lewandowski (22 M€)

14- Carlos Tevez (22 M€)

15- Sergio Ramos (22 M€)

16- Manuel Neuer (21,3 M€)

17- Wayne Rooney (19,7 M€)

18- Luis Suarez (19,5 M€)

19- Jérôme Boateng (19 M€)

20- Sergio Agüero (19 M€)