UEFA Financial fair play: Busy Summer Ahead !

Not a day goes by without hearing about a multi-million signing a club has made. An infinite numbers of zeros are being written every day on checks for players that may or may not deserve that amount of money. But we will get to that later. The real question here is : where does the UEFA Financial fair play stand In all this ?

What is the UEFA Financial fair play ?

The financial fair play was approved by the UEFA in 2010. It is about improving the financial health or European football clubs. The clubs that have been qualified for any sort of UEFA competetion have to prove that they do not have overdue payables towards. Long story short, the clubs needs to prove that they are paying their bills and that all is good and organised when it comes to the financial state of a club. Which will lead us to our next question.

What happens if clubs are proved to be in line with the regulation ?

If proven, the UEFA’s Club Financial Controle Body decides on sanctions. Depending on various factors the clubs could be warned; fined, deducted of points, prohibited on registering new players, disqualified from competitions or even withdrawaled of a title or an award.

Busy 2017 summer for the UEFA ! 

With AC Milan €200 million spree and how Paris Saint-Germain is squeezing a €220 million for Neymar and so many other examples coming from the premier league. The UEFA will most defintly face one of the busiest transfer windows they ever faced. Sources from the UEFA are insisting that that they will certainly start evaluating club debts and make competitive balance a formal goal for clubs to reach.

No exceptions !

Both PSG and Manchester city were subject of UEFA investigation back in 2014 and both had €20m deducted. Clubs like Dynamo Moscow, Dinapro Dnipropetrovsk and Galatasaray have already missed on season in the second-tier competition due to some financial issues. The UEFA Clearly explained that “all clubs are free to operate on the market but then they might face consequences if they do not operate according to the rules”

Juventus .. the club exemple

Juventus are most defintly the best in the world when it comes to money management and good financial policy. They have won 6 straight titles, reached 2 champions league finals and built a new stadium to raise incomes and close the gap on other huge global earning the likes of Real Madrid, Barca, and Manchester city.