What about having dinner with Eto'o ?

Samuel Eto'o Copyright -Via @setoo9

We all want to see Samuel Eto’o, taking some photos or selfies with him or even to shake hands with him, but what if he invites for dinner with him, for a memorable evening at Milan?

It’s simple, just donate some money to his association, ranging from 5 to 5000 euros for fighting poverty that touches all the African continent, especially the youngsters.

Once the donation is done, you have the chance to be drawn for a memorable weekend with the African star.

“Are you ready to fly to Milan, to meet me and spend a memorable evening with me? you got it right, you will jump to the first flight to Italy with a friend for an exclusive weekend. We will have dinner together at my favorite restaurent in downtown and we will share all the good stories of my career, with plenty of selfies and videos! no worries, the flight tickets and the hotel are on me” Said Eto’s promising a great experienc.

He then explains how you can realize this dream and be the lucky one.

Eto’o is waiting!!!
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