World Cup 2018: Barça players upset by Bartomeu's statement

Messi and Iniesta Copyright

Barça President Josep Maria Bartomeu made an astonishing statement about the upcoming world cup 2018. “I hope Messi‘s Argentina will win the World Cup,” said the boss of the Barça club.

A statement that has not been appreciated by the Blaugrana squad, and especially among Spanish internationals like Sergio Busquets.

“It’s strange because he has players of many selections and he could have been politically more correct, I do not know, he should ask him why he thinks that, maybe he has Argentine family “Quipped the Catalan midfielder.

Jordi Alba had also spoken about the statements of his president a few days ago: “I did not understand, but everyone has his opinion. It will be necessary to ask him why he says that. I want Spain to win and that’s why I defend this jersey. ”