World Cup 2018: Dugarry does not understand the failure of Africa

Nigeria vs Croatia

While waiting for Senegal‘s entry on Tuesday, the four other representatives of Africa (Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria and Tunisia) have all lost in their first match of this World Cup 2018.

If the Super Eagles lost (2-0) against the Croats, Egyptians, Moroccans and Tunisians lost on goals in the last minutes that prove the mental excitement of these selections.

For the French consultant Christian Dugarry, it is a lack of daring: “There is a report to make is that the African teams are in total failure since the beginning of this World Cup”, has assured the 1998 World Champion on RMC.

“There are things I do not understand, they know they will not win the World Cup, so why are they so shy on the field? is hard to get, as they play! Me, I find them feverish! ”

Let’s hope that Senegal will give Africa its first points in the 2018 World Cup when it faces Poland on Tuesday from 15:00 GMT. We remain on our thirst!

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