Yannick Bolasie is faster than Usan Bolt !

Copyright -Via Twitter @OfficialFPL

Everton‘s Yannick Bolasie told “Daily Mail” that he succeeded to beat the Olympic champion Usan Bolt during a race.

The Congolese striker said: “Usan Bolt and me, we played against each other in a football game. I know his friends and the people who take care of him. He came to London and he wanted to play football. He invited me , I brought my brothers with me and we made two teams. This happened last year. His level? To be honest , He’s a good player!”. 

Bolasie added: “I’ve even had him in a race! We had a lot of fun. There are a lot of videos, I’ll try to find them. The game ? My team won for sure ! ”